Here are some explanations about this website and AhFei.

Personal Website

Currently, AhFei’s website is divided into two parts:

  1. Personal blog: 承飞之咎 – Explore, Make Friends and Live Independently (vfly2.com), which is also known as this site.
  2. Technical blog: 技焉洲 – Linux,单片机,编程 (vfly2.com)

This separation is done to categorize different types of articles and make it convenient for readers with specific interests to subscribe.

The content on the personal blog will be more subjective, focusing on topics related to AhFei’s life and learning methods. As for the technical blog, its name speaks for itself.

For example, in my personal RSS subscriptions, most of them belong to the technical blog. If a blogger publishes a more personal article, I rarely read it. I feel that most of the people who follow me are similar in this regard. However, AhFei has always had the need to express themselves since the beginning of building the website. It’s just that I didn’t think many people would pay much attention to this, so I didn’t write such articles. By separating them, this problem is solved.

To subscribe to the websites related to “承飞之咎” please refer to: https://blog.vfly2.com/subscribe/

There are also some articles on xLog, where the creators who utilize blockchain to identify content are AhFei from “承飞之咎”

Commercial Platforms

Some articles will also be published on commercial platforms such as Zhihu, Nodeseek, WeChat Official Account, and SSPai. The selection is based on the characteristics, audience, and review standards of each platform.

The main purpose of publishing on these platforms is to reach a larger audience and attract visitors to the blog, commonly known as “driving traffic.” After all, most Chinese internet users only know about these platforms and are unaware of other sources.

Having more readers and helping others with my articles gives AhFei motivation. However, even if no one reads them, I will continue writing, albeit at a slower pace. Writing articles is a way for me to organize my knowledge.

The self-built websites will remain the core of “承飞之咎” If you are interested in their content, subscribing to the websites is sufficient.

Contact Me

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the articles, you can communicate through the following methods:

  1. Email: blog@vfly2.com
  2. Telegram: https://t.me/vfly2
  3. Matrix: @blog:vfly2.com
  4. Leave a comment

In fact, asking ChatGPT can solve most problems efficiently. However, please understand that I may not be able to answer questions beyond the scope of this article.


This site is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

As long as the source is attributed to 承飞之咎 – Explore, Make Friends and Live Independently (vfly2.com) and remains open, you are free to reproduce the content.

Site Origin

In “承飞之咎”, “承” represents undertaking, “飞” symbolizes freedom, and “咎” embodies consequences.

There is a trade-off in everything; pursuing freedom requires accepting corresponding risks. For example, embarking on a journey led by an experienced guide versus exploring and discovering it oneself yield very different experiences.

Everything has its pros and cons. In the forest, there are two paths, and I have chosen one to pursue freedom. That’s the reason behind my choice.

The name AhFei comes from a character in a book I read earlier. Generally speaking, that character was young and prone to making mistakes. I wonder if anyone can guess which book it is.

AhFei has no direct relation to the “飞” in “承飞之咎” It was only later that I realized they fit well together.

“vfly2” is pronounced similar to “We fly to somewhere.” I hope that everyone who persists in their pursuits can go far from within and not be limited by any road as long as it is broad.